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Bible Savvy Set of 4 Books

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Made up of four individual volumes ("Epic, Foundation, Context, "and "Walk"), "Bible Savvy "is a foundational resource for those wanting to better understand the Bible. From the whole storyline of the Bible to personal application and how to live it, this set of four accessible books is an ideal resource for small groups, Sunday school classes, youth groups, and individuals seeking to increase their breadth of knowledge about God's word. " " "Epic: The Storyline of the Bible" unveils the single theme that ties all of scripture together: redemption. "Foundation: The Trustworthiness of the Bible" explains where our current bible came from and why t can be wholly trusted. "" "Context: How to Understand the Bible" shows readers how to read the different parts of the Bible as they were meant to be read and how they fit together. "" "Walk: How to Apply the Bible" puts the readers increased understanding of the Bible into real life terms and contexts.
Bible Savvy Set of 4 Books