Center Your Life on Jesus: A 40-Day Devotional

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Center Your Life on Jesus: A 40-Day Devotional

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Get ready for the most faith-deepening 40 days of your life. Center Your Life on Jesus engages Christians where most believers live: knowing about Jesus, but seldom surprised by him. Which means it’s time to meet Jesus again. In 40 inspiring devotions, you’ll consider the Jesus you’ve heard about—but not yet met. The Jesus who was impossible to put in a box during Bible times, and who’s equally unpredictable today. The Jesus who asks questions. Who confronts. Who pauses to lean in close with a comforting word. Come meet that Jesus again—or perhaps for the first time. The Jesus who passionately loves you, calls you, challenges you, and—ultimately—transforms you.

You’ll discover…

• 40 devotions that invite you to experience Jesus—engaging in life-changing conversations with Christ.

• 40 compelling questions that elbow you into deep thought as you give Jesus space to speak his answers into your life.

• 40 pages set aside for journaling…prayers…and capturing the truth Jesus shares with you.

Center Your Life on Jesus: A 40-Day Devotional