Cities of Refuge

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Cities of Refuge

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This book is about the six ancient Israeli cities of refuge and how Christian Heritage Church of Amarillo, Texas has incorporated and implemented their message of a place of refuge for the fugitive manslayer from the avenger of blood into it's ministry to "the least of these", the overlooked, the forgotten, the neglected, the homeless, children, veterans, bikers, addicts, the incarcerated, the sick, and the hurting and helped them to find deliverance.

  • Golan - deliverance from unforgiveness
  • Kedesh - deliverance from family life patterns
  • Hebron - deliverance from defeatism
  • Shechem - deliverance from shame
  • Bezer - deliverance from insecurity
  • Ramoth - deliverance from addictions
  • It is the story of how God has used the obedience and persistence of this one small church to develop not only a local, but also a national and an international impact.
Cities of Refuge