Kids' Travel Guide to the Lord's Prayer

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Kids' Travel Guide to the Lord's Prayer

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Kids will go on journeys filled with stories, activities, ideas, and fun as they travel through the power of prayer. In 13 lessons, you'll use Jesus' guide to prayer to show children how God relates to them, and how they can relate to God! In each of these 13 lessons, you will take your kids on a travel adventure with: In-Focus Verse from the Lord's Prayer, or Scripture, begins the journey.Departure Prayer designed for participation.First Stop Discovery: Narrated enactment or group activity exploring prayer or a verse of the Lord's Prayer.Story Excursions: Uses a related Bible story to deepen understanding of the lesson's verse to life in fun, imaginative and dramatic ways.Adventures in Growing: Activities (Silly Putty, a rap song, board games, treasure hunts, and more) show kids how to apply what they've learned to their daily lives!Home Again Prayer closes the lesson.Souvenirs: Kids record their own prayers and create pages that go into a journal to remind them of the each Lord's Prayer verse. You will also get: Tour Guide Tips: Ideas you can use to enhance or adapt the lesson for different ages.Items to Pack: Supplies and props for the journey.Scenic Routes to give you more creative options.Fun Facts: Jokes and interesting tidbits related to the lesson.Reproducible pages: Games, and journal "souvenirs."
Kids' Travel Guide to the Lord's Prayer