Pause for Moms:Finding Rest in a Too Busy World

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Pause for Moms:Finding Rest in a Too Busy World

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This book is for Moms. The stories inside invite mothers to hit pause. To rest a moment and notice the beauty in the now. To pause and hear, notice, see, observe. To be led beside still waters. To rest for a moment-for this moment. From the Introduction: I've talked often about my mother. Though she died when I was nineteen, her stories have stayed alive. Carolyn Acker Maxwell was busy and able to accomplish many tasks, but she knew the joy of hitting pause. A multitasker before multitasking became common in today's modern, hi-tech world, she refused to be controlled and obsessed by it. She chose to take time to appreciate the wonder of moments. Mama could laugh and listen, pray and cry, come to the table and enjoy events many people would ignore. She found value in what most of us view as holding little importance. The flowers. The wind. The sun rising and setting. The rain. Asking us questions, while wanting to really hear our answers. Laughing with a joy coming from deep within. Seeing something, or someone, and refusing to rush by without appreciating that moment, that person, that life.
Pause for Moms:Finding Rest in a Too Busy World