Preteen Ministry Smart Pages

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Preteen Ministry Smart Pages

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The essential guide to understanding and ministering to preteens Gordon and Becki West describe preteens as crazy, high-energy, awkward, unpredictable, hard-to-understand young people. What are the best ways to minister to this often misunderstood and neglected group? Gordon and Becki offer a solid, practical and comprehensive understanding of how to build an effective ministry that reaches this vital age group. Preteen Ministry Smart Pages covers such topics as understanding preteens, making preteen youth groups work, motivating and nurturing preteens, ministering to the families of preteens, and recruiting and managing ministry volunteers. The book also provides suggestions for games, special events, mission trips and service projects for preteens. Anyone who has a heart for helping kids make the difficult transition from childhood to adolescence will find a wealth of information and ideas in this rich and much-needed r2ource.
Preteen Ministry Smart Pages