Real Man: Power Up Legendary Manhood

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Real Man: Power Up Legendary Manhood

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Braving today's masculinity maze, with its confused images that distort real manhood, requires courage and wisdom. Edwin Louis Cole, as a mentor, friend and spiritual father, declares a model for manhood that is infallible, functional and yet feasible - the manhood of Christlikeness! REAL MAN rips apart unfulfilling stereotypes, smothers the pressure of unrealistic demands, exposes cheap substitutes and sordid imitations of true manhood - while giving a man the power he needs to obtain the spirit and conviction of being a real man. Learn How To: * Maximize your masculinity * Discover the manhood of Jesus Christ * Get and stay on top * Determine your heart's direction * Achieve fulfilling accomplishments * Clarify your role as leader, husband, father, friend REAL MAN exposes the myths of manhood and addresses the full range of a man's life - marriage, finances, friendships, success, failure, parenting and spirituality. Jesus Christ overcomes substitute manliness and sets the standard for real manhood to help men be real.
Real Man: Power Up Legendary Manhood