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Strategic Disciple Making: A Practical Tool for Successful Ministry

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You can make a positive difference in your church. Everyone wants to go to a church with programs that have a positive impact on their lives--programs designed with them in mind. It may come as a surprise in our me-centered culture, but the church does not exist to meet our needs as churchgoers. Instead, we each need to grow as a disciple. Many understand discipleship as a one-on-one relationship with a mentor that takes place with a select few in the church. However, Jesus's mandate in Matthew 28:19-20 is that the church make disciples of all its people, not just a select few. In "Strategic Disciple Making," veteran church consultant Aubrey Malphurs teaches churches a process that implements the biblical teaching on discipleship in a simple but practical way as the centerpiece of their ministries. If you're tired of business as usual at your church and want to make a positive difference, take the plunge into genuine discipleship with a preeminent teacher on the subject. "Malphurs blows away the fog of misunderstanding that surrounds disciple making in the church. His clear analysis of what a disciple is, and how a church can make one, is a welcome addition to the literature on this topic."--Gary L. McIntosh, professor, Christian Ministry & Leadership, Talbot School of Theology "Malphurs provides us with a concise yet comprehensive examination of this vital component of building believers. A must-read."--Steve Stroope, lead pastor, Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall, Texas Biographical Note: Aubrey Malphurs (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is professor of pastoral ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary and president of the Malphurs Group. He engages in church consulting and training and is the author of numerous books, including "Developing a Vision of Ministry in the Twenty-first Century." Publisher Marketing: For many people, church is there to meet their needs--with programs designed with them in mind. "Strategic Disciple Making "teaches these churchgoers to develop a servant's heart. Readers will discover that they control the destiny of their church. If they seek personal contentment, they must grow as disciples, and church expert Aubrey Malphurs explains the true meaning of the word. This refreshing resource offers a radical "how-to" for renewing faltering faith. It is perfect for burned-out ministers and downcast church leaders who want a more authentic discipleship experience.
Strategic Disciple Making: A Practical Tool for Successful Ministry