The Spirit Helps Us Pray

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The Spirit Helps Us Pray

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Learn how to grow in God’s grace and minister in the full power of the Spirit. The Spirit Helps Us Pray provides a historical study of prayer and explores the relevance of prayer in your life today. Part one focuses on several biblical leaders and examines prayer in the prophetic books. Part two studies the prayers of Christ in various settings. Part three delves into angelic intervention and the link between prayer and revival. The four included appendixes on spiritual warfare in prayer, agreeing in prayer, angelic appearances, and testimonies of answered prayers will help you understand and incorporate prayer into your life. This refreshing, full gospel treatment of prayer will not only impact your life, but will change the way you—and your staff—view and use the power of prayer. 17 chapters. Each includes study questions. Paper. 464 pages.
The Spirit Helps Us Pray