Three Trails to Ilgorn: Tales from Ryecliff

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Three Trails to Ilgorn: Tales from Ryecliff

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Word around the peaceful kingdom of Ryecliff is that the diabolical Raphical is at large and ready to cause trouble. The rumors come true when a day of play for princes William II and Michael and princesses Janine and Angelica takes a horrible turn; Raphical kidnaps the princesses! He takes the girls to get at their parents, King William I and Queen Leandra, and as part of his ultimate plan to overthrow the great King Solon of Havencrest. Feeling responsible for their sisters' abduction, William II and Michael sneak away from their castle to track down Raphical and save Janine and Angelica. Meanwhile, Solon knows the only one who can save the girls is his son, Prince Zarias; he sends the prince and a group of warriors from Havencrest on a mission to do just that. Three Trails to Ilgorn is a story of unconditional love, forgiveness, sacrifice, and family and friends that stand together against the odds.
Three Trails to Ilgorn: Tales from Ryecliff