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Wycliffe Bible Commentary

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Scholars from across the conservative spectrum in American Protestant Christianity have come together to produce a valuable one-volume commentary on the entire Bible. The Wycliffe Bible Commentary brings together scholars from 15 different denominations and 25 schools of Christian higher education, and focuses on determining the meaning of the text. It is neither a devotional commentary nor a technical exegesis, but is an insightful help for serious Bible students looking to understand the text. Introductory information such as authorship, dating and an outline of the text is included for every book of the Bible, as is a bibliography for each book. The Wycliffe Bible Commentary proves itself a valuable resource for any serious Bible student. Overview: •Theologically conservative (Evangelical) •Semi-technical (Greek and Hebrew words are transliterated when they appear) •A phrase-by-phrase commentary based on the King James Version (KJV) •Geared for Bible students and pastors
Wycliffe Bible Commentary