Bethlehem Bound Kit

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Bethlehem Bound Kit

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Get your holiday back with this amazing and easy event. In one night, families create props, rehearse, and present a full Christmas production. It doesn’t get any easier than this! With just one hour of rehearsal, four scenes that involve everyone, and a captivating and original script, you’ll have a Christmas hit on your hands! Join Marty and Ramona, a Bible-times couple, as they lead the way on this journey to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth. They’ll cross paths with Mary and Joseph, a musical caravan, Wise Ones going to meet the baby king, harmonic angels, and shepherds with a flock of inspiring sheep—all played by families decked out with amazing props they’ve created! Bethlehem Bound is full of entertaining drama and humor, original music, and a poignant message. Your families and community will thank you for making their annual Christmas production fit into their busy lives and—most importantly—for making Jesus the real star of Christmas this year! Plus your CD-ROM includes resources for inviting families from your community to attend and for getting them back to your church after the event. Each kit includes: ■ 1 DIRECTOR GUIDE with everything you need to know for planning, inviting, recruiting, and follow-up, plus the entire script ■ 4 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR GUIDES with family devotions, scene script, and music and motions ■ 4 MUSIC CDS (one for each Scene Cast) containing a lyrical and an instrumental version of the captivating, original song for that scene ■ 1 DIRECTOR MEDIA PACK with one master CD containing all the songs for the performance and one CD-ROM with downloads for publicity, decorating, registration, and follow-up ■ 1 SAMPLE PACK INCLUDING: • 1 Sample Comic Book • Details on scene props and publicity items • Sample Wise-Ones Half-Mask • Sample Shepherds' Sheep Puppet • Information about Showstopper Guitars and Heavenly Harps
Bethlehem Bound Kit