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KidsTime: God's Big Picture Kit

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KidsTime™ is the complete, easy-to-use program that works with any number of kids and teachers, all ages (grades 1 - 6), and even limited budgets! Any time or place! Gospel Light's KidsTime™ works with small or large groups and is easy enough for the inexperienced teacher but complete enough for the pro. God's Big Picture takes you and your kids through a majestic gallery of the major characters and themes of God's Word! Its chronological approach will give your students an understanding of the Bible as a picture of God's plan and purposes. 52 fun-filled lessons are designed to get children excited about the wonderful way God has revealed Himself to us. Your kids "draw through the Bible" by making simple sketches from letters and numbers. It's fun, and kids really understand and remember what they learn! Kit includes: God's Big Picture Leader's Guide, God's Big Picture Time Line, God's Big Picture Music CD, God's Big Picture Music DVD, Big Book of Bible Skits, Bible Story Coloring Pages, Big Book of Bible Skills. 2nd Hour/All-Purpose, Grades 1-6, Ages 6-12. Items in kit also available separately. Reproducible.
KidsTime: God's Big Picture Kit