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Faith Cafe': The Good LIfe: Beatitudes - Participant's Guide

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These 13 episodes focus on the Beatitudes from Matthew 5. Taken in their proper context these simple words of Christ spoken during the Sermon on the Mount serve as the foundation for Kingdom ethics, that is, the ethics of those gripped by the gospel of radical grace—the good (news) life.

The Faith Café Participant’s Guide is packed with stories, quotes, Scriptures, and life applications designed to help group members stay actively involved in the lesson each week. The Participant’s Guide is printed in a magazine-style format that includes a central article written by a featured Christian author to add flavor to the overall theme of each quarter. Faith Café brings the coffeehouse to your house with a gourmet blend of Scripture, inspiration, and insight that addresses topics relevant to today’s Christians. Designed to create an intimate coffeehouse atmosphere, this undated topical curriculum is the perfect way for adults of all ages in your Sunday school class or small group to connect with God and other believers.

Faith Cafe': The Good LIfe: Beatitudes - Participant's Guide