Faith Cafe': Idols In America Leader's Guide

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Faith Cafe': Idols In America Leader's Guide

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Idols in America studies various modern idols, such as money, entertainment, and self, but it also explores how even God’s good gifts can become idols when we allow them to take His place. Our love for our families, our church traditions, or our need for change can all overshadow and dethrone God if we are not careful. These lessons will challenge your group to seek a right view of such things while providing concrete suggestions for self-evaluation. Living free of idolatry is all about priorities, motives, and keeping God first.

The Faith Café Leader’s Guide contains all the necessary tools, tips, and suggestions for you to create a safe and honest atmosphere for your Sunday school class or small group. In-depth Scripture commentary helps you to guide participants to a deeper meaning in the weekly Bible passages, while discussion questions allow you to open the door for discussion and reflection among the group members themselves. Faith Café brings the coffeehouse to your house with a gourmet blend of Scripture, inspiration, and insight that addresses topics relevant to today’s Christians. Designed to create an intimate coffeehouse atmosphere, this undated topical curriculum is the perfect way for adults of all ages in your Sunday school class or small group to connect with God and other believers.

Faith Cafe':  Idols In America Leader's Guide