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NVI Biblia G3 De Crecimiento Juvenil

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This is a perfect Bible for the generation at the dawn of the third millennium. This Bible includes commentary and study notes written with the new generation in mind and in heart. More than 20 well-known Latin American youth leaders united their efforts, vision and passion to provide the youth of Latin America with direct, clear and entertaining answers to many of the questions they will face in today’s world. Some of the leaders who participated in the writing of dynamic study notes and personal reflections were: Lucas Leys, Dante Gebel, Jeffrey de León, Junio Zapata, Emmanuel Espinosa, Julissa, Víctor Cárdenas, Funky, Germán Ortiz, Edgar Lira and Elvira Garza. The commentaries are full of lively and entertaining ideas that will promote young people’s spiritual growth, offering answers to such questions such as: “What about sex?” “Should I hang out with those friends?” “Why do I have to go to church?” and “How do I know what’s right and what’s not?”
NVI Biblia G3 De Crecimiento Juvenil